Work as a Nurse in America – Fully Funded For Africans

Here is another great opportunity set to help International Nurses Fulfill Their American Dream. This is a fully-funded career opportunity that covers all your traveling expenses (visa), accommodation, bonuses, and reimbursements to cover virtually every cost associated with starting your career in the USA.   

Benefits you stand to receive Working as a Nurse in America will be paid greatly for every service been rendered, a high degree of responsibility and are protected at work from mistreatment from co-workers, doctors, and patients. Right here you can apply to Work as a Nurse in America.

There is also an extra pay for every extra working hour aside the regular working hours, if this is sounding like what you are expecting or desire, here is the right place to apply.

PassportUSA is offering a National Council Licensure Examination {NCLEX}-passed nurses from Africa a great opportunity to Work as a Nurse in America at their healthcare facilities across the USA. Better yet, you don’t have to come alone. They welcome nurses with spouses and children to join our program.

About PassportUSA

PassportUSA is an online partner that connects you to the right healthcare facilities for free. They are tested, trusted and reliable over the years. PassportUSA is the leading provider of U.S. career opportunities for internationally-trained RNs, PTs, OTs, SLPs, and medical technologists. They have acquired immigrant and non-immigrant U.S. visas for thousands of international healthcare professionals along with wonderful careers within leading U.S. healthcare organizations.

International healthcare professionals can place their trust in the ethical standards and track record of successful U.S. placement.

Special Offers of PassportUSA

Below there are lot and load of goodies packaged for everyone interested to work as a nurse in america, we will be providing you the necessary guideline for you to Work as a Nurse in America.

1. Training and Coaching

You will be given the access to resources and experts that will help you achieve passing the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) scores and with the right file placement for your U.S. Visa Screen, all of this will be under the care of PassportUSA you need not worry about incurring any cost.

2. Covering Of Cost

With PassportUSA you need not worry about incurring any cost, PassportUSA pays for your visa filing and U.S. relocation. In fact, they provide bonuses and reimbursements to cover virtually every cost associated with starting your career to Work as a Nurse in America.

  • You will have a dedicated Associate who will help you navigate the journey for free.
  • They invest in peoples career in the USA
  • When you are done signing the agreement with PassportUSA, your associate will tell you the necessary document and credentials they need for visa filling.
  • visa filling is also eligible for family members as well

Wondering Were You Will Live and Work in the USA?

  • PassportUSA is dedicated to finding you a career-boosting assignment at a prestigious US health care facilities. They serve over 150 facilities across the USA and are adding new ones all the time. you are assured a long term placement and a full-time position
  • PassportUSA is not a travel nursing agency, upon arrival, you will be given a housing allowance which will cover about a month of temporary housing and arrival bonus to be used at your discretion.
  • After that, your income as an RN with the PassportUSA will provide enough for your housing, transportation and family expenses.
  • When you land at the American soil, a PassportUSA team member will greet you and help you get a USA social security card and also help you open a bank account, settle into housing and a car to get around.
  • As a passportUSA employee, you will receive generous and other benefits.
  • You will be covered by professional liability insurance, plus you will receive dental insurance, eye care, life insurance, disability insurance and healthcare insurance for you and your family.

if all this sounds good to you here an opportunity for you to sign an agreement with PassportUSA.

Wondering What’s the PassportUSA Agreement is About

Interview with one of the PassportUSA International Recruiters. During the interview, your Recruiter will ask you questions to find out if you qualify for the PassportUSA program. They will also explain details of the passportUSA program as well as answer any questions you have! If you’re extended an offer to join the PassportUSA program, your recruiter will send you an agreement that outlines commitment to you and your commitment to us on this journey to achieve your American Dream.

Here is also a document that shows more about the PassportUSA Agreement.


This is one big question that comes into the mind of everyone, what does it take for me to qualify to work as a nurse in america ? here is the answer to the question bugling you mind.

If you have passed National Council Licensure Examination {NCLEX}, have at least two years of nursing experience then you qualify for our program.

Simply register below. If your experience matches an opening, a recruiter will be in touch. Once contacted by the recruiter, follow instructions on what to do next concerning paperwork and other materials.

PassportUSA experts have handled thousands of nurse immigration cases and have successfully placed them at facilities across the USA. We ensure you’ll arrive in the USA as quickly as possible.

How to Register For PassportUSA

Outlined steps for you to take while registering the PassportUSA form to work as a nurse in america.

  1. Click on Register to get the form.
  2. Fill in your details correctly.
  3. Click on register to get you form submitted.

PassportUSA will link you with a recruiter Once contacted by the recruiter, follow instructions on what to do next concerning paperwork and other materials.

Remember, the passportUSA program is free. Unlike some other international staffing companies, they do not charge and are Joint Commissioned Certified. There is no risk to working with PassportUSA.

Remember to use the comment box if you are faced with any challenge or need any answer to your question you can also drop it at the comment box, we will provide you with relevant answers and solution to your challenge


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