Visa Application Guidelines – How to Apply for Entry Visa

Do you know there is this easier way to apply for a Visa passport? you don’t have to panic when you’re told to apply for a visa, nor tremble when you are to help someone to do so. So, what you have to do is to carefully read this article as we have outlined the Visa Application Guidelines just for you.

Thanks to the Immigration service, visa application can be done with swift guidelines as recommended by the commission. One can apply to get a visa passport without much stress. This procedures you must follow if you want to apply for a visa passport. Sometimes we pay someone huge amount of money to process this for us, when you can process it with just few amount of money.

Visa passport is always important because it enables you to travel anywhere around the world. This passport is a legal sort of card that one can use to migrate from one country to the other. Whether you wish to study oversea, engage in business abroad, or even on a vacation.


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Visa Application Guidelines Are Drafted Below

Entry Visa Guidelines:

  • Visit the Home page of Nigeria Immigration Portal
  • Locate & click on the appropriate application form to start the process:
  • Entry Visa/Freezone Application Form
  • Fill the Application form; check the ‘ I ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS FORM ‘ check box.
  • Click on ‘Submit Application’ button to view ‘Applicant details page’
  • Click on “Proceed to Online Payment”
  • Click to select Payment Currency “Pay in Dollars” option then Click on ‘Continue’ button

For Payment Outside of Nigeria

If you select a processing country other than Nigeria, your payment will be in US Dollars. You will be re-directed to an approved payment platform to complete your application and make your payment in US Dollars.
Please take your visa payment receipts, passport and other documents to the Nigerian Embassy in your Country of abode on your slated interview date for your Visa.

Please note that you can reschedule your interview date to the next available date by sending your Application id, Reference no and the proposed date to the support mail address

Have you seen how simple and quick to apply for a visa is, its just about the step and the necessary information required. You can also share this information with friends as no one is left out. Thanks for reading this post.


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