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UNICAF Scholarships: Learn How to Apply and Documentary Requirements

Posted On August 26, 2019

Article written by Emmy

Searching for a free scholarship online platform like, Yahoo and Google – you may have noticed that Unicaf is so rampant on these platforms. It is an organization offering affordable, quality higher education to underserved markets, in collaboration with reputable universities in the UK, US, Europe, and Africa.

Unicaf scholarship is one of the most generous scholarship programmes with the intent of improving more better in offering the underprivileged students the opportunity to further their education, by studying for internationally recognized qualifications at a much lower cost.

If you are Africa then note that you have the opportunities to study towards online degree programmes which are awarded by European and British universities.

Unicaf provides scholarships for the online and on-campus learning degree programmes, allowing students to now have the opportunity to choose which learning pattern suits them better.

About Unicaf Scholarship Programmes

Majority of the programs we have listed on are fully funded opportunities, but this time Unicaf scholarship program is changing that notion. First, it’s important to let you understand that Unicaf isn’t a fully-funded scholarship programme almost the same way the Harvard University Scholarships runs – check here); unlike some other Foundations.

Yet, it offers wonderful opportunities for unprivileged students to be awarded scholarships to study with a huge discount fee to study and earn an internationally recognized degree.

For instance; depending on your eligibility – you can win a scholarship of 90% funding, or 60% funding or even more below than that. It all depends on your eligibilities as I’ve already said. And you have a very high chance of winning scholarship awards in such platforms since you have your own financial row to play – meaning not 100% fully funded to make it that competitive to win.

List of Unicaf Partner Universities Scholarship Runs

  • University of South Wales
  • Unicaf University
  • Unicaf University – Courses in French
  • University of Suffolk

University of South Wales

The University of South Wales is based in South Wales, the UK with campuses in Cardiff, Newport, and Pontypridd. Wales is a country in its own right but is part of the UK.

Unicaf runs its scholarship and partner with the university. Meanwhile, the following programs are available for scholarships if you want to apply in South Wales University;

  • MBA – Master of Business Administration
  • MA – Master in Education (Innovation in Learning and Teaching)
  • MSc – Psychology
  • LLM (Master of Laws)
  • BA (HONS) – Business Studies

Click on the link below to Download South Wales University Full Scholarship Requirements PDF for all the programs and courses;

Unicaf University

Unicaf University operates campuses and learning centres throughout Africa, and is currently present in 11 countries, (Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Morocco, Nigeria, Somalia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, and Zambia), even making further plans to expand its campuses and learning centres across Africa.

Among all the partner universities Unicaf University offers the largest number of degrees for scholarship under the sponsor of Unicaf.

And, each of the degrees has programs you can apply.

>> Bachelor’s

  • BSc Accounting and Finance
  • BA in Hospitality Management
  • BA in Business Administration
  • BA English Language and Literature
  • BSc in Computer Science
  • BSc Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  • LLB Bachelor of Laws

>> Master’s

  • MBA – Master’s in Business Administration
  • MA Education
  • MA in Educational Leadership and Management
  • Master of Arts in English Language and Literature
  • MSc Managerial Psychology
  • MSc Web Design and Development
  • MSc Healthcare Management
  • MBA Management
  • MBA Health Management
  • MBA Management Information Systems
  • MBA Finance
  • MBA Oil and Gas Management
  • MPA – Master of Public Administration
  • LLM – Master of Laws

>> PhD’s

  • PhD – Doctorate of Philosophy

>> DBA

  • Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

>> EdD

  • Doctor of Education (Ed.D)

Unicaf University – Courses in French

The Unicaf University – Courses in French is also a part of Unicaf University only that courses here are studied in french languages. And you can only sponsor your Master’s degree here. The follow programmas are available for Master’s here;

  • Master en administration des affaires
  • Master en administration des affaires – Management
  • Master en administration des affaires – Gestion de la santé
  • Master en administration des affaires – Gestion du pétrole et du gaz
  • Master en administration des affaires – Management des systèmes d’information (MSI)
  • Master en administration des affaires – FINANCE
  • Master en éducation
  • Master en Management de la Santé

Use the link below to Download Complete Requirements for Each Programmes PDF for all the scholarship programs and courses;

University of Suffolk

The University of Suffolk is a public university located in Suffolk, England, which is split into six Schools, each facilitating various courses, with about 5 campuses;

  • University of Suffolk, Ipswich
  • The University of Suffolk at Suffolk New College
  • University of Suffolk at West Suffolk College
  • University of Suffolk at East Coast College (Great Yarmouth Campus)
  • University of Suffolk at East Coast College (Lowestoft Campus)

Unicaf scholarship sponsors on MSc Public Health which makes it only program or degree it runs scholarships under.

Use the link below to Download Suffolk University Scholarship Complete Requirements PDF for all the programs and courses;

How to Apply For Unicaf Scholarship Degree Programmes Online

UNICAF Scholarships remains one of the must seen program on the internet, easy to understand and apply, yet most applications still find it hard to understand the application steps.

To start your application you have to first check whether you’re eligible. The eligibility test comes in three (3) parts;

  • Academic qualifications
  • Financial ability and
  • Country of residence

Academic qualifications are the paramount eligibility check to start with among the there. And it is about confirming if you meet the entry requirements of the respective programme of study you’re interested in.

How to Check Unicaf Scholarship Eligibility

Unicaf Eligibility Check

You don’t have to rush and click on ‘Apply” Form when you haven’t checked your eligibility. This is where most people get it wrong. The Unicaf partners with 3 Universities and from those Universities you see (above) that the have several programmes offered under the Unicaf Sponsor Scheme.

So that is to say that there are things you have to consider before even applying for any of this;

  • Consider your choice of programme – do the universities offer the program f your choice?
  • University Choice – which of the Institution will be convenient for you when you apply and get the award? Although they as well offer an online program which means you don’t even have to attend any campus to get your degree. And, no specific time schedule – meaning that you’re in charge to fix your class yourself.
  • The University’s Documentary Requirements – Do you have the requirements of the Univerity to apply for the scholarship?

This is the main reason for the eligibility check so that you don’t waste your time applying for a programme which you are not eligible for.

Therefore, check for each of the Universities for the that offers your program and check the requirements also, then on the same page, there is an application form for that University which you can now start your application.

Here are the Universities with the application link to the scholarship form;

How To Apply

After checking your eligibility and confirming which University to apply for. You now follow these steps to apply. Please note that the application form for each university remains the same so that is why the application process will also remain the same.

  1. Fill the Application form

    The form requires your personal and contact information. So complete form carefully and correctly.Unicaf Scholarship Apply Form Image

  2. Start a discussion with your Student Adviser

    On submitting the application form, you will be assigned to a student advisor that will be talking with you on the following agender;

    a) Your qualifications in relation to the course
    b) Details about your chosen degree
    c) Eligibility criteria
    d) Whether you wish to study online, or through blended learning, (available through Unicaf University)
    e) The documentation you need to provide for the processing of your application
    f) The level of scholarship you are eligible for
    g) A payment plan that suits your budget

    Remember I’ve already told you that Unicaf Scholarship programme is not a Fully Funded Scholarship program.

  3. Review of Your Documents by the Admission Officer

    Once you have submitted all the requested documentation and have decided that you wish to proceed, your application will be reviewed by the Admissions Officer, to determine if your academic qualifications meet the minimum criteria for securing a place on your chosen programme of study and the requirements of the Scholarship Committee.

  4. Receive Final Approval & Commence Your Studies

    Your Student Adviser will contact you again to inform you of the decision reached by the Admissions Officer and the Scholarship Committee.

    If your application is successful and you become a Unicaf student, you can rest assured that the Unicaf team will continue to support you, every step of the way.

    Students who study online can as well take advantage of there Learning Centres without having to pay any fee, found at several locations worldwide.

I believe you now understand how the UNICAF Scholarships works and you can take full advantage of it by applying to get your own sponsorship from Unicaf Foundation.

Written by Emmy

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UNICAF Scholarships: Learn How to Apply and Documentary Requirements

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