The LinkedIn Guide to Building A Successful Career

Do you wish you could learn how to use LinkedIn to build a successful career? Do you wish to access unlimited life-changing job opportunities?

Do you want to build your professional network? Then think LinkedIn!

The LinkedIn Guide to Building A Successful Career

LinkedIn can be a goldmine of potential job opportunities if properly utilized, but the major challenge is that a lot of people have not yet come to terms with how to effectively use and take advantage of this platform when it comes to using it as a job-hunting tool.

LinkedIn primes itself as the go-2-place for effectively building a professional network that can help you build, start or scale your career.

So now the big question is how do you use LinkedIn effectively?

To help you use LinkedIn effectively, we have put together this resource guide to leveraging LinkedIn in your professional career whether you are just starting your career or a passive candidate, you will definitely find something here to help you;

  • Understand how to use LinkedIn better
  • Use LinkedIn to get a new job offer
  • Build your personal brand using LinkedIn

Ready to unravel? Then follow this ultimate LinkedIn career guide;

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How to Get Started on LinkedIn

Unlike all other social media platforms, LinkedIn has become an indispensable tool to help you build your online presence and professional network. If you are new to LinkedIn you can sign up here and follow these steps to optimize your account;

  • Profile Picture: After signing up, you would have to upload a profile picture to increase your online visibility. Choose a simple professional looking picture (your picture tells so much about you).
  • Create a Headline: The next thing to do after uploading a profile picture is to create a catchy and professional headline. You have 120 characters at the top of your profile to describe what you do. It is advisable for you to use descriptive keywords that will help the right people find you.
  • Draft Your Summary: Drafting a summary is like giving a bio about yourself. When writing your summary, it is important for you to make it unique and highly captivating. Ideally, this section should give the reader a strong idea of who you are. You can use your winning CV summary as your summary here also.
  • Experience: You will need to showcase your experiences in the body of your profile just like you do in your professional CV. You will need to give details of your work experience; the places you have worked, how long you have worked, and what roles you performed. When writing about your experiences, you don’t need to put down every place you have worked, you only need relevant ones. If you have a work-related blog or portfolio, it is important for you to make use of the three URL’s you are allowed and link them to it.
  • Connecting with People: When you are done setting up your account, you can now connect with people. You can ask someone to join your professional network by sending them an invitation to connect. If they accept your invitation, they will become your first-degree connections (it is advisable for you to invite people you trust and know).

You can invite people to connect by using the following;

  1. A member’s profile: You can do this by clicking the ‘connect’ button on the member’s profile page.
  2. Search research: Click the ‘connect’ below the person’s information.
  3. The add connections page: You can do this by inviting contacts using their email address.
  4. Use the people you may know page: To do this, click the connect button under the person’s page.
  • Ask for recommendations: You can reach out to past colleagues, and associates and ask them for a recommendation. Ask each person to speak about a particular skill or highlight certain experiences with as much detail as possible. Endorsements give people viewing your profile a quick visual idea of what you are valued for.

The recommendation is a step forward ahead of endorsement. Recommendations are personal testimonials written to illustrate people’s experience of working with you. It is important for you to think of who you would most value a recommendation from, and personalize your request.

According to LinkedIn, your profile will appear many times in search result if it is complete.

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