Singapore Airlines Career Application Form – See Available Jobs Now

It’s true that Government jobs offer more security than company jobs – when compared. But there are company jobs that allows you to enjoy life while building your dreams. Must unemployed still think there are no jobs out there, but not true at all.

On daily and monthly bases Singapore Airlines has a diverse range of job opportunities in areas such as finance, marketing, IT and customer service.

You too can grab this opportunity, all you need is login, and find job best for you. This is why this page is meant for – to show how to access Singapore Airlines Career Application Form, sign up and jumpstart with your application.

How to Access the Singapore Airlines Career Application Form

There are two ways shown on how you can access the Singapore Airlines Career Application Form at your convinent. You either signup to access the positions (job vacancies) or you check without signing up.

If you have only come to check around to see what job offer is available on the Singapore Airlines Career then you can access the career portal using the steps below;

  1. Log on to the official website –
  2. Scroll down the page/portal to get to “Career” Menu
  3. Click on “Why join SIA”. This page gives you an overview of the benefit of joining its organization. You can take your time to read up.
  4. Scroll down the page to see “View current Vacancies“. There is a link to view all vacancies you may either be interested to apply if you’re qualified for any.
  5. Now you are seeing list of available jobs listed on the page. Click each title to see full deatils of the job.

Though if you wish to apply for the job you will be required to Sing up on the portal

There is a better benefit if you signup first before browsing for the available jobs. It is that;

  • You’ll have your personal dashboard on the portal
  • You have the ability of setting your interest of job.
  • You’ll get alert (informed) once new positions or jobs are posted for your filed
  • Your choice of application is saved
  • Fast and easy application. meaning you don’t have to start registering on Singapore Airlines Career portal.

How to Sign Up on Singapore Airlines Career Portal

Creating an account give you easy access to apply. So while signing up you will be required to fill up some necessary blocks which are:

  1. Visit the official website –
  2. At the top of the page, you will find Log-in/Sign up.
  3. Click on Sign up to fill up the necessary required details. be guided that you are to sign up under the join Kris Flyer.

When you are done Signing up, you will receive a confirmation on your email address to complete the registration process.

Now you can login back again, click on the job page as listed above select your field of discipline and click on “Apply now” you will be required to Log-in with the provided email address and password.

When you are logged in you are to upload your credentials, after that you are you check your email for any retune back message.

Do use the comment box below to express yourself in case you have any question regarding this topic.