SHARE AVATAR ON FACEBOOK | How To Get Avatar In Facebook

Have you been looking for a way to SHARE AVATAR ON FACEBOOK?, Now do you know the most exciting thing about the new features Facebook created. The Facebook avatar is among the few new update on Facebook that just came into the limelight for Facebook users.


The Facebook avatar creator app gives you the opportunity to be able to create your own avatar. With the Facebook avatar app, 2020 introduced into the competitive market as Snapchat bitmoji, where you are been offered various tools to assist you in creating your own avatar. Different tools such as hairstyle, skin color, and much more, are offered to you to create a cartoonish image of yourself.

How To Get Avatar In Facebook

After you have created avatar on your Facebook avatar, below are the procedures you need to follow on how to share the avatar content with family and friends which are;

  • Download the messenger on your iPhone through the iOS apple store or through google play store on your android.
  • Move on to the avatar landing page, then you click on the second of three buttons at the right top corner.
  • A page displays showing a sticker menu with a total of fifty stickers in number which have your avatar featured.
  • Then tap on any of the displayed sticker, a page automatically pops up which will require you to send it through messenger.
  • You can make a selection of the persons you intend to send the avatar to and it will immediately appear on your conversation.

Please Note: Once you are done sharing the avatar in the form of a personal sticker, you can now share your avatar directly to your feed or you can also set it as your profile picture temporarily, or better still it can be used for your stories.

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