Orange Knowledge Scholarship Programme Application Form for MSc – Fully Funded

The Orange Knowledge Scholarship Programme aims at helping to contribute to a society’s sustainable and inclusive development. Awarding the first-degree holders and also helping achieve their master’s level program in Holland.

The Dutch government is awarding a fully-funded program to the first-degree holders, help in attaining success in their masters level program through Orange Knowledge Programme.

The Dutch government wants to attract knowledge and retain talent. International graduates can apply for an orientation year. This is a residence permit of one year to find a job or start a business within three years of graduation. Join the Holland Alumni network to increase your chances on the job market.

Before applying for Orange Knowledge Scholarship Programme there are some necessary things you need to know about and they include eligible countries, available courses, course duration, and procedures.

Complete Application Guides

Below are some outlined steps to take in applying for the Orange Knowledge Scholarship Programme, follow these steps closely to achieve a successful application.

Eligible Countries

There are so many countries listed out for the Short course and MSc program. Click on the Check Eligible Countries button below to view countries for the MSc Orange Knowledge Scholarship Programme. These scholarships are also open for applicants from francophone(French) countries.

Available Courses

There are so many courses available in the Orange Knowledge Scholarship Programme, these courses are available for Short courses and Master programme and their years of program include.

  • Short Courses – duration (2 weeks – 12 months)
  • Masters programme – duration (12 – 24 months)

There are over 600 Fully Funded courses in the Orange Knowledge Scholarship Programme worth over € 14600 per course. Click on the Available courses button below to view courses available and how much worth of scholarship per course in the Orange Knowledge Scholarship Programme.

The Orange Knowledge Scholarship Programme intends to supplement the salary that you should continue to receive during the scholarship period.

The scholarship is a contribution towards your costs of living and costs such as (tuition fees, visas, travel, insurance, etc). You have to cover any difference between the Orange Knowledge Scholarship Programme amount and the actual costs yourself.

You must meet one of the criteria that support the aim of the Scholarship Programme in order to eligiblely apply.

The criteria for the scholarship applicant are as follows:

  • The scholarship applicant works for one of the following types of national and/or local organizations: ministries, secondary or higher vocational or academic education institutions, universities, private sector, commissions or NGOs. The scholarship applicant may not work for:
    • a bilateral or multilateral organisation;
    • a non-governmental organisation that is internationally active and is focused on representing social interests, such as development cooperation, nature, and environmental protection, health or human rights.
  • The Orange Knowledge Scholarship Programme applicant should be professional who, in light of his/her
    • role,
    • multiple years of relevant work experience and
    • networks within a theme relevant to local development are in a position or through his/her employer could be put in a position to apply what he/she has learned in practice.
  • The scholarship applicant holds the nationality of and is resident and working in one of the countries on the Orange Knowledge Scholarship Programme Country list.
  • The scholarship applicant holds a valid identity document.
  • The scholarship applicant has been admitted to the course or programme for which he/she wishes an Orange Knowledge Scholarship Programme
  • The scholarship applicant has provided a government statement with the scholarship application if this is required by the local government.
  • The scholarship applicant demonstrates that the requested co-funding percentage is available to fund the study.
  • The employer of the scholarship applicant supports the scholarship application through a positive reference, declares that it will continue to pay the salary of the scholarship recipient during the programme and after his/her return will give the scholarship recipient an opportunity to apply what he/she has learned in practice.

How to Apply for Orange Knowledge Scholarship Programme

Before you apply, make sure you review the eligibility criteria carefully and check whether your employer is willing to nominate you for the scholarship.
When you are certain that you are eligible for an Orange Knowledge Scholarship Programme, you can start making the necessary preparations for your application.

  1. First, find a course or master’s programme that is eligible for the scholarship. You can find the eligible courses in the available courses above.
  2. Click on the institute where you find your course, and contact the Dutch higher education institution that is offering the course for information on:
    1. the course content;
    2. the scholarship application deadline (deadlines can differ per Dutch institution)
    3. the scholarship application and selection procedures
    4. the online application form and the required application documents.
  3. Prepare your application and the supporting documents
  4. Submit your online application via the Dutch institution offering the course.

For any questions on the application or selection procedure please contact the Dutch institution directly.

You can always use the comment box to express yourself and when faced with any problem also use the comment box we available to provide you with necessary guidelines.


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