How To Take Screenshots on Windows 10 Desktop 2022

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If instead of the entire screen, it is necessary to capture only a single window, click on the title bar of the required window. The PC saves the screenshot image in a folder named “Screenshots” within the “Pictures” folder under “This PC”. The PC also names the images of screenshots it saves with serially increasing numbers. If this was your first screenshot, you’d find a new screenshot folder created under the picture folder. The new screenshot and subsequent screenshots will be saved to that folder.

  • As a fresh man in IT field, she is curious about computer knowledge and learns it crazily.
  • If your phone lacks this feature, consider a third-party app like Screen Master.
  • If you do set this up, and run in DOS mode, please be aware that a lot of Windows95 hardware is “Plug N Play”.

For capturing any part of the screen in a screenshot, press the Windows logo + Shift + S keys together. The entire screen will dim and the cursor will change to a cross. Although Windows 10 provides several methods to capture and save screenshots, several third-party software are also available to make the capturing process easier and more versatile. The cursor will change to the plus sign, just like in paint when you wanted to select a part of an image. With that cursor you can outline the area you want to screenshot.

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If so, you know that sometimes you want to take a screenshot of your whole screen, but other times you only need to capture part of your screen. Most of us take screenshots for the purpose of sharing them, whether it’s on social media or via email. So, any decent app should makesending screenshotsan easy task to accomplish.

My computer crashes during the install in windows.And Realtek Bluetooth A2dp Device Driver Download Windows 11/10 your right it crashes during the graphics configuration. Based on benchmark results , it seems that setting this to “None” gives the best performance in combination with DOSBox-X, although the difference is marginal. This is no doubt because the host system is better at caching then the Windows 98 cache function. A driver package is available here (v3.01.00) to enable support.

Using System Recovery USB drive

Press “Windows + Shift + S” to take a screenshot of a portion of your screen. Your screen will become greyed out, and the cursor on your mouse will change. Click Settings under the Performance section), and your screen will dim. If you are one of them, then just take a look at this guide and you will get to know many ways of taking screenshots. You can take screenshots easily on your PC, but you have to know how to take them.


Windows has had screen-printing capabilities since the first PCs in the 1980s (their text-based option differed from today’s raster screenshots). Windows 10 introduced new ways to take screenshots, like using the Snip & Sketch utility, and taking screenshots in Windows 11 is even smarter with its version of the Snipping Tool. The Snipping Tool exists in Windows 10, but it’s not usually the screenshot tool you’ll want to use.

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