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Harvard University Free Scholarship for International Students

Harvard University Free Scholarship for International Students – Apply Now

Are you an undergraduate or postgraduate seeking to study in the USA? If you do, come study with the best university in America and 3rd best university in the world. Harvard University is awarding Free Scholarship for International Students.

Harvard University Free Scholarship for International Students (undergraduate and graduate) is dedicated to helping you discover your potential and attaining a brighter future at Harvard.

This university is ranked 2nd best university in the US. In the QS World Rankings, Harvard University is ranked 3rd best university in the world.

Harvard University is dedicated to removing the financial barrier between Harvard education and promising you who desire to study in the USA. As an undergraduate, you can receive Harvard University Fully Funded Scholarship to cover the cost of attendance.

Below are the Eligibility, Document, Benefit, and Steps to apply for Harvard University Fully Funded Scholarship.

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You are eligible for this scholarship only if you have the necessary and required document which will be listed below and how to follow due process in applying for the Harvard University Free Scholarship for International Students.

Requirements for the Harvard University Free Scholarship for International Students

  • Common Application, Coalition Application, or Universal College Application
  • Harvard College Questions for the Common Application, Coalition Application, or the Universal College.
  • Application Harvard supplement
  • $75 fee (or request a fee waiver).
  • ACT or SAT (with or without writing)
  • 2 SAT Subject Tests (recommended, except in the case of financial hardship.)
  • Optional: AP or other examination results
  • School Report and high school transcript
  • Teacher Report (2)
  • Midyear School Report (after your first semester grades)
  • Final School Report (for admitted students only)

NOTE: Never panic if you don’t understand the Requirement listed above, jobcancy. com has made it easy and stressfree for you to apply. And if you have the required application fee do well to pay, because when applying for a fee waiver you will ask some questions to know if you are capable of paying and if you are capable then you will be denied scholarship.

Benefits of Harvard University

Here are different categories of people in which Harvard University offers a fully-funded scholarship, listed out below.

  • If your family earns less than $65,000 will receive free scholarships (Full tuition, Accommodation, and Board). This means you don’t have to pay anything to study in Harvard education.
  • If your family income less than $65,000 a year. You will be awarded a fully-funded scholarship, benefits included [Tuition, Fees, Accommodation, and Board]. You are not expected to contribute to the cost of attendance.
  • Students with family income between $65,000- $150,000 a year. You will be asked to pay approximately 0%- 10% of your total income per year depending on family circumstances. That will be $0- $15,000 a year based on your total family income and your financial circumstances.
  • If your family income is more than $150,000 a year. You will be asked to pay proportionally more than 10%. The exact amount is different for each student based on their circumstances.

How to Apply for Harvard University Free Scholarship

All the first-year applicants, both international and U.S. candidates must complete the Common Application, the Universal College Application, or the Coalition Application along with the required supplements. You will need to submit:

STEP 1: Application Process.

You can use any of this application process to apply for your scholarship. Click on any of the processes below to begin the application.

Each is treated equally by the Harvard University Free Scholarship Admissions Committee. Complete and submit your materials as soon as possible to ensure full and timely consideration of your application. If you use the Common Application, you must submit your application before your supporting materials (Secondary School Report, Teacher Reports, etc.) can be released to a college. Until you submit your own application sections, no part of your application will be transmitted to the Harvard Admissions Office. The Universal College Application does not require this same process.

STEP 2: Receiving Confirmation of Your Application

You will be sent an email acknowledgment of receipt within two weeks of receiving your application. If you did not receive an acknowledgment after two weeks, please contact the Harvard University. Choose the category “Your Submitted Application,” then the subject “Confirm Receipt of Application” in the drop-down menu, or call 617-495-1551.

STEP 3: Paying the Application fee or Requesting a Fee Waiver

You may pay your application fee online with a credit card via the Common Application, Coalition Application, or the Universal College Application websites. You may also send a check or money order to Harvard College Admissions, 86 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138. You are required to include your name with the payment.

Fee Waivers: Do not let the application fee prevent you from applying! In the spirit of our honor code, if the fee presents a hardship for you or your family, the fee will be waived. You or your guidance counselor may use one of the official forms, or your counselor or you yourself may simply write a short email asking us to waive your fee.

STEP 4: Completing the Harvard Supplement Question

You are to complete the Harvard Questions with the Common Application. If you are using the Universal College Application, complete the Harvard supplement and submit it online or mail it to the Admissions Office.

With these few steps listed above, you will be able to secure a successful Harvard University Free Scholarship for international students.

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