Free Scholarships for Ethiopian Students – Apply Here

There are various free scholarships for Ethiopian Students and other countries worldwide. These are opportunities available for Ethiopians to study abroad and also for higher education in Ethiopia for free.

free scholarship for Ethiopian Students

Ethiopia is one African Nation with an unending quest and intense passion to change their world through acquiring quality and affordable education. There are many free scholarship opportunities that are available for Ethiopian Students who wish to study abroad. These are compiled list by of free scholarships for Ethiopian student by different countries and organizations

Below are the listed out scholarships available for Ethiopian students. Check-in and apply for your study abroad scholarship.

#1. Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Programme

The MasterCard Foundation is Awarding a free scholarship for Ethiopian Students and other African students to study in any of their registered institutions abroad.

The MasterCard foundation covers all of your expenses (Visa, traveling fee, accommodation, tuition fee, textbooks and every of your day to day expenses).

Click on “Apply Now” to select institution of your choice and view necessary requirements on how to apply for the MasterCard Foundation fully funded scholarship.

#2. University of Strathclyde Scholarship for Ethiopian Students

The University of Strathclyde is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, they are awarding a free scholarship for Ethiopian and other African students.

The PG Elite Scholarships worth of £4000/£3500 and £3000/£2500 are available towards course tuition fees for students studying on MSc/PGT programmes in Science. Eligible students must have excellent grades from University and strong English test results.

Visit the University of Strathclyde’s official website to know if you are eligible to apply for the fully-funded Postgraduate Elite Scholarship.

#3. Russian Government Scholarship for Ethiopian’s

The Russian government is awarding a part-funded scholarship to Ethiopian students who wish to study in Russia, the Russia Scholarship for Ethiopian and International Students covers so many of your expenses. You need not bother about your Tuition fee, accommodation, and monthly allowance. Click here to Apply Now.

#4. European Microfinance Programme for Ethiopian Students

The European Microfinance Programme Each year offers 12 full scholarships to EMP candidates coming from selected developing countries. These scholarships cover the tuition fees, some basic living expenses in Brussels and one return plane ticket. This scholarship programme is open to every Ethiopian student.

This is a free Scholarships for Ethiopian Students that cover all cost for the start to the end of the scholarship.

Visit the European Microfinance official website to apply for free.

#5. Australian Government Scholarship

The Australian Government has taken it upon themselves to help African first degree holders sponsor their master’s level program for free. This program is set to help African First degree holders who are ineligible to sponsor their masters level.

This is an open opportunity for Ethiopian students to apply for the Australian fully funded scholarship program.

#6. Mexican Fully Funded Merit Award Scholarship

The Mexican Government is awarding a fully-funded scholarship to international students, who are educationally talented and each of your expenses

Visa, Accommodation, Tuition fee, textbook, and a monthly allowance are covered under the Mexican Fully Funded Merit Award Scholarship.

This is a great opportunity for Ethiopian students to travel and study abroad and also to build your career and make your dreams come through. Click here to fill the application form and to know more about the Mexican scholarship.

#7. New York University Free Scholarship and Grant

The chancellor of New York University is awarding a fully funded scholarship and Grant (Financial Aid) to those who come from traditionally underrepresented communities or students who come from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

Click here to apply for your New York university scholarship and grant.

These are few lists of scholarship and Grant that are offered to Ethiopian and international students to study abroad for free.

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  1. am studant in ethiopan and also intersted in harvard universty scholarshipe fund,am too intersted in the field of archtecture field.tnx

  2. I have graduated BA degree in economics from university of arbaminch in 2010 and now i need your support in studying masters program in economics.
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  3. I am from Ethiopia. I have graduated BA degree in economics in 2010. Now i need you your support in studying masters program in economics.
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