FACEBOOK DATING APP US RELEASE | Facebook Dating Site Launch

“FACEBOOK DATING APP US RELEASE” Facebook has been trying their possible best for a year to know if Facebook dating can work in the US. Finally, Facebook dating is now launched in the States. This feature is available in the united states to users who are over the age of eighteen. This age of eighteen is selected because it is the official adult age in the United States.


According to Facebook, its algorithm would suggest possible matches for you based on your preferences, interests, and Facebook activity. The Facebook dating app US release allows users to create a profile that is separate from their Facebook profile in just one click.

Facebook Dating Site Launch

The Facebook dating feature that was released in the US lives as a tab right inside the Facebook menu. Since this is a new Facebook feature and it lives right inside the Facebook menu, you have to update your Facebook application to get access. All you need to do is to update your Facebook. follow the steps below to do so;

  • Open the application drawer on your device.
  • Find the application store om our device and click on it to launch it. It could be the google play store for android devices and the iOS app store for iPhone devices.
  • Make a search for “Facebook”.
  • On the application page you are redirected to, click on the “install” or “update” button.

Please make sure to download the updated version of the Facebook app and you will access the dating feature online.

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How to Activate Facebook Dating

Activating Facebook dating is very easy and can be done from any device you find yourself using. Follow the steps below to activate Facebook dating on your device.

  • Open the web browser on your device and proceed to the Facebook dating website.
  • If you are using a smartphone, open the Facebook application on your device.
  • Click the menu icon and proceed to the “Dating” tab.
  • You would see “Get Started” if you are using a smartphone or a web browser.
  • Click on the “Get Started” button on the page.