Facebook Avatars have become a super common way to express our emotions. Rather than sending the standard emoji, a cartoon version of yourself gets the point across way better. FACEBOOK AVATAR MAKER IN PAKISTAN is very simple to create. All you need to do is to follow the steps that will be shown to you below.


A similar form of expression is available on Facebook. Simply known as avatars, the social media platform launched the feature in pakistan.

When creating your own avatar from pakistan , you can also customize its facial features, body type, and outfit to truly make it look identical to you. Then, you can use it to react to Facebook comments, posts, and Messenger.

The Facebook Avatar feature is already integrated into Facebook’s mobile app, the entire setup process is super easy. Here’s how to bring your Facebook avatar to life in a few steps.

How To Create Your Facebook Avatar In a Simple Steps

  • Download the Facebook app

On the Facebook app, tap on the Menu icon in the lower right-hand corner. Then, scroll down and tap on the “See More” tab where you’ll see the option for “Avatars.”

  • Choose your facial features

You can pick from different hairstyles, shapes for your face, eyes, and nose. You can also customize the color of your eyes, add some makeup, and facial hair.

While the customization options don’t allow you to get too detailed, you can add features like freckles or beauty marks and forehead or mouth lines.

  • Pick your fit

For the finishing touches, you can pick from different body types and outfits. The apparel is a bit limited in terms of options, there are a range of different styles like casual, athletic, or formal. Let’s hope Facebook will let us edit parts of the outfit in the future, though.

There are also some pieces of headwear to choose from like a beret, hijab, or baseball hat. You can even throw on a headband with cat ears, if that’s more your style.

  • Send it away

Once you are all done, just hit the check mark icon in the corner of the screen to save your new little avatar.

From there, you can access tons of different versions under the sticker icon via the comment box on Facebook or the text box on Messenger. All you have to do is click on whichever one matches your mood at that moment and send it.

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