Canada: The Land Of Opportunities

Apart from being the land of beautiful sceneries, Canada is also The Land Of Opportunities, Canada as we all know is a great land of opportunity and hope. It is bestowed with economic prosperity, educational institutions that produce highly skilled professionals, a  quality of life based on excellent health care, and a country that is endowed with a vast land, clean air and fresh water, all synchronized for a safe and secure environment.

Canada has a democratic civil society, a society in which universal human rights and individual political representation are guaranteed. It is hoped that as a new comer, you will carve your own future and bring forth the heritage of your own to Canada, where you will be proud to refer to as home and soon say O’ Canada!

The Land Of Opportunities, Canada is a place where You can be successful in Business and in almost all aspect of what you do. It’s an environment that allows people to create and innovate and it brings out the best in people.

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Benefits in Canada as The Land Of Opportunities

Canada is a quiet and safe destination to settle in, and the procedure of immigration is not as complex as one generally gets to see in certain other nations. As for simple immigration objects, there is no requirement for submission to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The concerned Canadian authorities appraise the potential immigrants, eager to reside for jobs on the grounds of educational qualification, age, financial stability, employment skills, & compatibility in language.

With the Canada PR Visa rights, the holder would be in a position to make the nation a settlement/ business base, and in the process, get pleasure from the benefits of the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) as well.

Here are some of the benefits of being a PR visa holder:

  1. Your family can go along with you to Canada
  2. Your partner/spouse can also apply for work opportunity in Canada
  3. Your children are entitled to free education in public schools
  4. You and your family is also entitled to health care and social security programs

Another benefit of immigration to Canada is its amazing and developed social help system; it organizes various courses for those who have lost their job and want to start afresh in a newer field. The same also helps the aspirants in choosing and gaining a well-paying job quite quickly.

With time and after becoming a citizen, the residence holder gets a Canadian passport a highly prized and respected travel document across the world. One does not need a visit visa to enter majority of developed and developing world and in most countries the holder of Canadian passport get visa on arrival. In EU and G-8 countries, one can enter and stay in these countries for a limited period without taking any specific visa permission. all of this tags it The Land Of Opportunities.

here are some facts that you must know about Canada.

  • Canada ranks second among the G-20 countries as per GDP (Gross Domestic Profit) for its high standard of living
  • Canada is known for having the most liberal and stable banking system for corporate
  • As per Bloomberg Analysis, Canada also stands at the second place for being the best place to do business in
  • In the past few decades, the inflation rate has remained low in Canada, thus making the living easy for everyone
  • Canada welcomes over 300,000 immigrants every year
  • 1 in every 5 Canadian citizens is an immigrant!
  • One of the most multicultural countries in the world

Canada Entrepreneur Immigration

If you’re looking to immigrate to Canada as an entrepreneur in the Canadian economy, the government of Canada, as well as certain Canadian provinces, present some enticing options.

1. Start-up Visa Program

The Start-Up Visa Program encourages immigrant entrepreneurs to grow their companies in Canada. Successful applicants link with private sector organizations in Canada, where they can receive funding, guidance and expertise in opening and operating their enterprise in Canada. With the Start-Up Visa, Canada is targeting entrepreneurs who have the potential to build innovative companies that can compete on a global scale and create jobs.

2. Quebec Entrepreneur Program

The Quebec Entrepreneur category of Canadian immigration was designed to allow qualified business owners and managers the opportunity to obtain Canadian permanent residence, provided that they can effectively create or acquire an agricultural, commercial or industrial business in the province of Quebec.

3. Provincial Entrepreneur Programs

Canada’s provinces offer a range of entrepreneur categories within their Provincial Nominee Programs. Through one of these categories, immigrant entrepreneurs can settle in a specific province.

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