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  • Do you have the driven desire to own and handle your business
  • You have an idea but no funds to start up?
  • You already have an existing business and needs expansion or explore more opportunity to increase your business?

If any or all of the questions above is directing to you and your answer is a “YES”, then an opportunity is right knocking at your door-step.

In case you are hearing this for the first time…

AYEEN or you can as well call it AYE is giving entrepreneurial both advance in age and young, male and females the opportunity to get their ideas funded without any interest, no collateral either, instead you gain more chance of getting best ideas and training to fine-turn your business or nurturing idea.

Are you a determined entrepreneur?

Because AYE aims at developing a generation of outstanding entrepreneurs.

Criterals To Be selected Among AYE Beneficiary

After we going through series of the AYE TV reality show program and watch also how the question, and the responder’s feedbacks, we listed a few (but not limited to this)  criteria you should have or posses.

Is Your Business Profitable?

One of the things they will be considering is how valuable your business will be to the public. The big question is; Does your Idea solve a problem? Because every business minded person ventures into a business to make income. But you have to offer solutions (services) in return for the profit-making.

That is why during the interview with the AYE judges you will be asked to explain how you intend or making money in your business.

Do You have all the Necessary Knowledge of the Business or Idea?

This is also one step ahead to stand before the judges and explain (in a few mins) how you intend running the business.

Here you have to explain the processes and fund requirements to run the business, also why you think you can do it better.

Do you have a Unique Strategies to Run the business?

No business today is starting for the first time especially when it comes to daily services or productions. But the AYEEN will like to know what makes you outstanding. Why you think you are unique, why you think you can bite those in the business.

We have seen must people been disqualified from here. Cos they have to check and analyse what you are presenting with the facts they have gathered by themselves. While does who are not disqualified are subjected/positioned for AYE business training (for free), from there may later consider or not.

Do You Have Files or Documents or Data to Present or Backup your Presentations?

The documents we are talking about here are;

For Offline Businesses

  • Business plan / Business proposer,
  • Samples if the business already running.

For Online Business Idea

That is if its a Web or Mobile Application

  • Demo files,
  • Documentation
  • Business Plan/Proposer
  • Other data to prove your points (samples, etc)

So don’t think you are only coming to face the judges for a mere talking show.

Does The Business Idea Suites Your personality?

This will be determined by the Judges during and after which you’re done with the presentation. You are needed to have the charisma to face, defend and answer every question that comes to you.

Now your boldness will STRONGLY determine if the judges believe you or not. Though even with boldness with a pointless presentation you will still not be selected.

Are You Ready To Run/Start up the Business Idea Once Selected?

There are several questions the judges do ask;

  • Do you have a place (land, shop, etc)already?
  • Is the business running already?
  • Do you have any capital (no matter how small)? That is if its a new business idea not established yet.
  • How much are you seeking to start?
  • if the business is already existing; (a) how many customers do u reach? (b) how much do you make as a profit per product, product or services? (c) what is your total net income in a year or so far?

Once you’re able to defend your idea, then BOOM! it is a WIN WIN for you. Automatically you will be selected and before you know it your fund you seek hits your bank account.

This is not a BigBrotherNaija show or other kind of social shows where you still have 100% freedom to spend the money the way you like and will not be accountable to anyone. Here, The African’s Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Nigeria has teams that keep monitoring you and your business to see that you achieve all that you have presented.

Please note that there are still many more to know before presenting your business and self. So its not listed to the above mentioned.

Who Can Apply for AYEEN Online Registration?

Are you among those asking the same question on who can apply for The African’s Young Entrepreneurs Reality Show Program?

We haven’t seen AYEEN selective of gender or educational qualification, neither have we seen them selecting specific business ideas.

All we mean is  – Man, woman, graduate or undergraduate can apply for the program.

Make sure you understand what you want, how you want it and be able to explain (present) to the understanding of others.

How to Apply AYEEN African’s Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Nigeria Online

One thing you should always remember is that the AYEEN online registration form is FREE at all time. And, it is an online exercise – means you register via Online.

SOmeone can do the registration for you. But you will be the one to present your business idea.

This TV-talent show has more than one sites which you can apply from any of the websites.

  1. Visit the main site – https://ayeen.ng/. (Also see button below)
  2. On the page you should see a big button at the top right of the page “AYEEN – REGISTER NOW!”
  3. Though, before then a popup asking you to share and follow the AYE Social media pages for updates. You can skip it by clicking outside the popup.
  4. Click the “AYEEN – REGISTER NOW!”
  5. Fill the form correctly. Please ensure you have a valid email account that you can access at any time. Besides, creating Email account is free and will take less than 2minues to own one for FREE (Learn more here).
  6. Click the button to agree with their terms and condition
  7. Review every information provided, then click “Submit” if you are happy.
  8. Wait for date and venue for the screening
  9. You will receive instructions through the mail for screening processes
  10. Attend screening
  11. Wait for the result

Share this page to others on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc.

Feel free to use our comment box below in case you have any question or confused in any way.

Good luck.

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