Apply to Become an ORide Rider – Earn upto 200K Monthly

The ORide online Transport system is set to reduce the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, helping the young and old with a nice job and high-income rate, insurance cover, and other benefits. Here is an opportunity for you to become an ORide Rider.

ORide a new online Transport system which is affordable and convenient, they deliver so fast as you can think, your trip is always smooth with ORide.

Here is another job opportunity for Nigeria youth who are willing and able to work, in ORide you need no educational qualification to become an ORide Rider. You can work with ORide and earn up to #200,000 monthly allowance and other bonuses attached, all you need to get qualified and how to apply are listed below

Qualification for ORide job

These are quality that qualifies you to Become an ORide Rider.

  • No criminal records: You should have no criminal records of any kind, you must be trustworthy and reliable to entrust ORide property.
  • Have a motorbike license: You should have a valid motorbike license which gives you the access to ride freely on the road.
  • Age: Your age should fall within the minimum range of 18 to 56 years maximum.

Benefits of ORide

When you are selected to become an ORide Rider you are entitled to a wonderful salary worth of #200,000 and other monthly bonuses which will be outlined below:

  1. Ideal income
  2. A relaxing hub of new friends and a nice tea break
  3. Monthly professional training
  4. High-quality uniform & helmet
  5. Health Insurance

How to become an ORide rider

Here is how to become an ORide Rider and Earn a better living, follow due steps to get your application successful.

  1. Click on Here to get registered.
  2. Register your name.
  3. Register your mobile phone.
  4. Select your gender or sex (Male/Female).
  5. Click on Apply now.
  6. Get a call from ORide.
  7. Receive pre-job training.

If you are faced with any challenge while applying, you can always use the comment box to express yourself and we are always ready to provide you with the solution.

Also share this information with friends who seeks for recruitment opportunity or who may want to change their current jobs.

Good Luck.