Apply for Australian Visa from Nigeria – ETA Australia

In this article, you will get a detailed information about Australia Visa, how to apply for Australian Visa Application and Tourist Visa Australia.

Whether you are visiting, working and studying in Australia, returning to live in Australia and Australian citizenship. Whatever your reason for coming to Australia, you will need a valid Australian visa.

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Types of Australian Visa

  • Short Stay Tourist Visa (ETA)
  • Short-stay Business Visa (ETA)
  • Long-stay E600 Visitor Visa
  • Paper-based 600 Visitor Visa
  • Student Visa: (allows for stays up to five years)
  • Working, Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (valid for four years and three months)

How to Apply via ETA

Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Visa is acceptable for citizens who wants to migrate to Australia. But your country, and other details must meet the confidential requirements.

30 ETA Eligible Countries

The following passport holders can be issued an ETA Visa online:

1. Andorra
2. Austria
3. Belgium
4. Brunei Darussalam
3. Canada
4. Denmark
5. Finland
6. France
7. Germany
8. Greece
9. Hong Kong
10. Iceland
11. Ireland
12. Italy
13. Japan
14. Liechtenstein
15. Luxembourg
16. Malaysia
17. Malta
18. Monaco
19. Netherlands
20. Norway
21. Portugal
22. San Marino
23. Singapore
24. South Korea
25. Spain
26. Sweden
27. Switzerland
28. The Vatican
29. United Kingdom
30. USA

ETA Application Requirements

To apply through this portal,

  • You will need the complete passport details of everyone who is applying for a visa.
  • Every passport holder requires their own visa.
  • You will also be required to have a current Mastercard, Visa Credit / Debit / Electron card, UK Maestro, or American Express card ready to pay for your application.

1. Price: The standard cost for an ETA visa is: UK £20 per applicant. Which is AUD$ 36.14, US$ 26.08, SG$ 35.74 and EUR€ 22.48.

2. When your credit card details are submitted, your application will be processed immediately.

3. Your credit card will be debited for a non-refundable charge. If you later discover you have made an error on your application, you can reapply but this will incur another service charge of £20.

When you visit the official website from the next sub-header, you can easily understand and learn more from the frequently asked questions, FAQs. Thank you.

How to Apply

Complete the Online ETA Visa Application:

  • Enter travel information and passport details for each traveler. HERE
  • After payment, your application is processed instantly and linked to your passport number.
  • Your ETA status is confirmed by email within a few minutes.

Apply for Australian Visa from Nigeria

There is only one official way or method to apply for Australian Visa in Nigerian.

  • With your passport, you can only apply online for an Australian visa, the after receiving a letter from the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Then you can now head to TLScontact, which is now Australian Biometric Collection Centre for applicants to enroll their biometrics following submission of their visa application to the Department of Home Affairs.

Visa Processing Time

Whether you are applying online or offline, the processing time to each is set:

  • Visitor visa – up to 33 days
  • Student visa – Depends on sector of studies.
  • Business visa – up to 20 days

Notably, all Australian visa applicants should lodge their visa application well in advance (at least 4 weeks) of their date of departure.

The Australian Visa Application Centres (AVAC) in Abuja and Lagos will become Australian Biometric Collection Centres (ABCC).

You will no longer be able to lodge a paper visa application for Australia at these centres in Nigeria and are advised to submit your visa application via ImmiAccount.]

After completion, you’ll be issued a Transaction Reference Number (TRN) after you’ve made your online application. The TRN is required to communicate with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.