All International Banks In Ethiopia And Their Logos

An international bank is a financial entity that offers financial services, such as payment accounts and lending opportunities, to foreign clients. These foreign clients can be individuals and companies. The international banking system is just like any other banking services, but it takes place across different nations or internationally. Briefly, we will be outlining all international banks in Ethiopia and their contact details.
Banks in Ethiopia

All International Banks In Ethiopia

  • Lion International Bank of Ethiopia
  • Oromia International bank Ethiopia
  • Nib International Bank Ethiopia
  • Awash International Bank Ethiopia
  • Berhan International bank SC
  • Buuna International Bank
  • Addis International Bank

Lion International Bank of Ethiopia

Lion International Bank S.C. (LIB) is a privately owned Share Company, it was established on October 2, 2006, in accordance with Proclamation 84/94 and the commercial code of Ethiopia and it was officially inaugurated for public services on January 6, 2007.


Contact details:
Email[email protected],
Year Established2006
Number of Branches67
AddressesHaile G/Selassie Road, Lex Plaza Building
Telephone no+251 11 662600 / 6050 / 6060 / 6900,
Fax no+251 11 6625999 / 7114 / 7115,
P.O Box27026, code 1000, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Oromia International Bank

Oromia International Bank is a private bank based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was established on September 18, 2008. The Bank has now launched Electronic banking outputs such as Card banking known as Oro-Card(ATM and POS), Mobile Banking named as Oro-Cash, Agent Banking-Oro Agent and Internet banking namely Oro-Click and many other services you get to find out through their website below.

Oromia international bank

Contact details:
Telephone no+251 11 5504330 / 5504526 / 5543728,
Fax no+251 11 5543727,
Year Established2008
Number of branches112
AddressesBole Dembel City Center Building,

Nib international bank Ethiopia

The nib international bank was founded in 199, NIB International Bank offers a full range of domestic banking, such as international banking, and electronic banking products and services.


Contact details:
Email[email protected],
Telephone no+251 11 5503288 / 5503304 / 5502909,
AddressesHead office Dembel City Center
Year Established1999
Number of branches107
Fax no+251 11 5527213 / 5503288 / 5502909 / 5504349,
P.O Box12947 0r 2439, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Awash International Bank Ethiopia

Established in 1994, Awash Bank is the first of private commercial banks in Ethiopia, created after the country’s post-1991 financial deregulation. The bank manages more than 346 branches throughout the country.


Contact details:
Email[email protected], [email protected],
Telephone no+251 11-277- 2484, +251 11 514130, +251 11 530663,
Year Established1994
Number of Branches191
Fax no+251 11-277 2483, +251 11 511575
P.O BoxP.O.Box: 12638.
AddressesNear Amede Gebeya, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,

Berhan International Bank S.C

Berhan International Bank S.C was formed in accordance with Article 304 of the Commercial Code of Ethiopia with the objective of operating in the banking industry. This objective has been ensured in Article 3 of the Memorandum of Association of the Company.


Contact detail:
AddressesAfrica Avenue, Dembel City Center, 6th floor,
Phone noTelephone no: +251 116623421, +251 11 6185683,
Year Established2010
Number of Branches64
Fax no+251 11 6623431,
P.O BoxP.O.Box: 387 Code 1110

Bunna International bank

Bunna International Bank S.C. provides banking products and services. The company’s banking products and services include demand deposits, savings accounts, special saving accounts, and certificates of deposits; and mail transfers, telegraphic or telephone transfers, local drafts, and cashier payment orders.


Contact details:
Email[email protected],
Telephone no+251 11 1554783, +251 11 1580828, +251 11 1580884 / 25,
AddressesBunna International Bank Head office, Adwa Street,

Arat Kilo near Berhanenselam Printing Press,

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,

Number of Branches91
Year Established2009
Fax no+251 11 1580826,
P.O Box 

Addis International Bank

Addis International Bank was established by diversified groups of shareholders, Cooperatives, Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), Iddirs, other business organizations, and individual citizens. The major shareholders of the Bank are Cooperatives and their members, Addis international bank aims at providing efficient and effective full-fledged banking services by utilizing qualified, honest and motivated staff and state-of-the-art technology and thereby optimizing shareholders interest.


Contact details:
Telephone no+251-115-54 98 00/+251-115-54 98 00
AddressesAddis Ababa, Ethiopia