Travel and Work Abroad Advantages And Disadvantages

In our contemporary society many individuals especially the dream of the youth is to travel abroad and probably get a good-paying job and settle down there for a greener pasture. But we must remember that working abroad means leaving your homeland and maybe family members behind.

The fact remains that people move from one country to another in search of the jobs to enable them to earn in dollars, yen, and euro, etc. People travel abroad for many reasons but traveling abroad to work and study happens to be the ultimate intent of traveling abroad.

Please don’t misunderstand me, traveling is good. In fact it hence life standard of human. On the contrary, we all want to live a good life, stay away from criticism and violence, stay in countries where there are peace and understanding, etc. I also want the same!

However, traveling abroad has a lot of advantages than the disadvantages, check out some advantages and disadvantages of travel and work abroad below.

Most of the underlisted disadvantage may not be for you depending on your travel intent.

Advantages Of Travel and Work Abroad

Earn In foreign currency – As I already mentioned from the start – earning in foreign currency. But not just earning in foreign currency, rather currencies that are way higher and more recognized than the country of origin.

And, this has been one of the advantages of traveling and working abroad is that you get to earn in foreign currency which may be a lot of money when converted to your local currency.

This happens to be the first thing that comes to heart when people decide to travel abroad work, by so doing they build a huge bank balance. let’s say for example a person travels from Cameroon to America, you will earn in dollars and as such, the value of their currency is more and you get richer.

Learn Different Languages – Many people move abroad to learn diverse languages. Apart from the mother tongue, one learns Indian, German, French, American English, Spanish and many others according to the country one lives for the work.

Huge Chances Of Promotion At Work Place – An individual with international work experience has more chances of promotion and success. many people have gotten promoted severally because of a stamp of international experience in a particular field. This has been one of the fastest ways people build their careers.

Better Standard Of Living – Many people working abroad tend to live with high standard and there are lots of changes in their lifestyle to a large extent. If we move from one country to another to work, we experience the difference in everything around us, such as the pattern of living, food habits, language, atmosphere, likes, culture, dislikes and many more.

Get To Meet New People – Most times the people you meet when you travel abroad to work are the ones that make the experience of travel memorable. When you travel abroad it gives you the opportunity to meet new people from different cultures and backgrounds, and some of these people end up inspiring to do greater things in your career, this is another huge advantage of travel and work abroad.

Gives More Value To Your Resume – Working abroad gives your resume more value. with international work experience, it enables you to stand out of the crowd. So, in this way such a resume is given more preference than any other because many employers first pick international work experience before any other.

Disadvantages Of Travel And Work Abroad

Huge Fund Is Needed – For you to be able to move abroad and work there, the first thing that is required is a huge amount of money to fund your travel expenses. If you happen not to be able to fund your travel expenses then there is no need for you to consider traveling and working abroad because it attracts a lot of money. and this is the first disadvantages of traveling and working abroad.

Although many have traveled and many still traveling to a foreign land for better lives despite the huge fund needed. Also, the UNCOVERED TRUTH is that thousands of people also are immigrating to work, live and study abroad for FREE.

YES, I said for FREE…

There is availability for fully-funded scholarships, grants to study any part of the world, high paying jobs with free accommodation, travel with all expenses paid for you.


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Improbable Good Living Condition – Getting a good living condition abroad as soon as you travel is under probability, reasons being that most foreign countries do not provide an employee with a good working condition. Nevertheless, It depends highly on where you choose to live for your work.

Safety may Not Be guaranteed – Most times people travel to countries that are xenophobic, they do not welcome strangers, and in this case, the safety of those traveling to work in such a country is not safe at all. And most times such a person travelling abroad to live and work may not even have friends, no family, no social life and all these should be taken into notice early and such a person should be prepared emotionally before traveling to live and work abroad.

Learning New Laws Of A country – Every country has its own laws, rules, and regulations that must be followed accordingly. Getting to adapt to those new laws within a short period of time can be difficult most times, and due to those strict laws one may fall into greater trouble, that may further become a never-ending process, which is why most people that travel abroad to work end up in prisons, some even lost their lives in the process.

Probability Of Lower Jobs – You may get a lower-level job that is beneath your qualifications at the initial stage, for such situations one has to be prepared and be strong enough to handle a difficult situation in case a person faces one.

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