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Month: August 2020 Articles

FACEBOOK DATING APP US RELEASE | Facebook Dating Site Launch

"FACEBOOK DATING APP US RELEASE" Facebook has been trying their possible best for a year to know if Facebook dating can work in the US. Finally, Facebook dating is now launched in the States. This feature is available in the united states to users who are over the age...

FACEBOOK AVATAR FOR AfRICAN | Create An African Avatar

So many African do not know that Facebook Avatar has been activated for them. FACEBOOK AVATAR FOR AfRICAN is so easy to create, just read carefully below the procedures that will be shown to you. FACEBOOK AVATAR FOR AfRICAN Facebook has announced that the platform has...

FACEBOOK AVATAR EMOJI LINK | Create My Facebook Avatar

A lot of people will be asking How do I add an emoji to my avatar on Facebook? OR How do I make myself an emoji on Facebook?, It is an interesting question and we shall be answering the above question. FACEBOOK AVATAR EMOJI LINK is all you need to create your own...

FACEBOOK AVATAR 2020 | How Do You Create a Facebook Avatar

The FACEBOOK AVATAR 2020 is created by Facebook which enables users to customize pictures of themselves into a cartoon. Facebook avatar is the online cartoon app that comes with special features of Emoji and Bitmoji. Where friends and families share their creation...

FACEBOOK AVATAR MAKER APP | Facebook Avatar Profile Update

FACEBOOK AVATAR MAKER APP is quite similar to Snapchat Bitmoji, its features allow Facebook users to create a cartoon version of themselves. Facebook avatar maker helps you create an avatar for your Facebook profile, creating an avatar allows you to re-imagine...

Facebook Fellowship Program 2021 for doctoral students | Apply Now

So many people will wonder or be asking what the Facebook Fellowship Program is all about. In this write up I shall be explaining to you what Facebook Fellowship Program is and how you can apply for it. Just relax and read carefully and see if you are qualified to...


Most users do not know that FACEBOOK AVATAR PROFILE UPDATE is real and so many do not know how to update their Facebook avatar profile. Facebook Avatar as so many unique features. FACEBOOK AVATAR PROFILE UPDATE The Facebook avatar profile update allows users to create...

FACEBOOK AVATAR LINK – Create Facebook Avatar | Avatar Emoji

It has come to our notice that so many people do not know the FACEBOOK AVATAR LINK and also how to Create Facebook Avatar on their own. You do not need to worry, because in this write up we shall be showing you how you can do the above. FACEBOOK AVATAR LINK With the...

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