2020 Mentor Matchup Challenge 3.0 | Smart Entrepreneur Funding

Are you an entrepreneur? with a mind-blowing idea of productivity which can bring positive change to the society and the world at large. Here is an opportunity for you to explore your dream of becoming a society changer through the Mentor Matchup Challenge.

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The Mentor Matchup Challenge in collaboration with 234Finance is awarding a $20,000 seed funding to entrepreneurial both advance in age and young, male and females the opportunity to get their ideas funded.

Criteria to Meet Up Mentor Matchup Challenge

Profitable Idea

One of the things to be considered by the Mentor Matchup Challenge is how valuable your business will be to the public. The big question is; Does your Idea solve a problem? Every business-minded person ventures into a business to make an income. But you have to offer services or bring solutions in return for the profit-making.

Full Knowledge of the Business or Idea

Here you have to explain the processes to run the business, also why you think you can do it better.

Unique Strategies to Run the business

The Mentor Matchup Challenge will like to know what makes you outstanding. Why you think you are unique, why you think you can bite those in the business.

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How to Apply

You are required to share a one-minute video pitch on Instagram, follow @mentormatchupchallenge and @234finance and use the hashtag #MentorMatchupChallenge. The pitch video should introduce the business and state what you would do with $20,000 seed funding.

You can also see video for more info:

234Finance-Mentor Match-Up Challenge 3.0

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for the mentor match-up challenge 3.0 include

  • Creativity and Innovation,
  • Market Potential,
  • Traction,
  • Social Impact and
  • Personal Investment.

Ten (10) teams across the 6 sectors will be shortlisted to attend the event for free and pitch to investors in attendance. To learn more about The Mentor Matchup Challenge 3.0 event, click here and follow @mentormatchupchallenge on Instagram.

Just as we have listed above, do follow up on the criteria and you will have a successful mentorship, The event will be taking place at The Orientel Hotel on the 2nd of December 2019.

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